0_0_0_0_159_56_csupload_59061265Ready to tackle your to-do list but don’t have the time? Our Colorbond fencing SA range specializes in quality for less than you think. No matter the size of your budget, we give excellent value for money and our prices are usually less than the competition. We look forward to helping you make your home a great place to live. We know that you’ll be satisfied with the results. Or are you after a frameless glass pool fence?

Good Neighbour

“Looks good both sides” unlike post and rail fencing, everyone is happy with their side with this type of Colorbond fencing. This is now starting to become one of our most popular type. Can also be known as ‘panel fence’. The panels are 2370mm long. Height can vary.

Post and Rail

A good old fashioned and sturdy type of fence, a neat type of Adelaide Colorbond fencing. We use 50x50mm galvanised posts. Posts are set into the ground 650mmX200mm with premium concrete to last a life time and are made with BHP steel fencing Adelaide.
under fence concrete plinth for good neighbour fencing

Under Fence Concrete Plith

An under fence concrete plinth can be used on Adelaide Good Neighbour panels. Useful as a retainer for garden beds and for paving up against, or if you want that extra height to feel like you have no neighbors.
timber slat fencing in adelaide


We also do a selection of timber fences and gates which will add value to your home and make it more modern and stylish. our fencing contractors enjoy doing fences like these.

Concrete Retaining Walls

We Install concrete retaining walls up to 1m high. We installed this 600mm wall for a customer in marion who was subdividing. I enjoyed getting on the dingo Mini digger to make this masterpiece.

TL5 Style Sheeting

TL5 is the name of the type of sheeting used in this good neighbour panel.

Custom Orb Sheeting

Custom orb is the name of the type of sheeting used in this good neighbour panel. its the same profile as most colorbond roofs.
Good Neighbour fence done in mini orb

Mini flute Good neighbour

This is a type of good neighbour colorbond fence, the style of sheeting used is called mini flute, its like custom orb sheeting or corrugated, but it has smaller curves.

Slat fencing

Slats installed by lee benson fencing contractors, this is becoming very popular in adelaide at the moment, this was a custom made job, lee benson fencing contractors love doing custom made jobs for people.

Frameless glass pool fencing


We supply and install frameless glass pool fencing to give a stylish look for your pool.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give you the top quality products in Southern Adelaide, and to install them correctly with our fencing contractors so you won’t need another fence again.
Our fences are installed solidly into the ground with proper concrete, not low quality quick set that tends not to last.
We are customer friendly and easy to talk to, and quick to understand what you want for your fence. We are sure that after you deal with us you will add us to your list of quality trades people you can trust.

Install a Lee Benson fence today with our fencing contractors adelaide.

Lee Benson Fencing contractors of Adelaide carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown above inc. post and rail and good neighbour. Our frameless glass pool fencing is now becoming very popular. Please call or email us for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. For Products you do not see on our list below contact us. We can install concrete retaining walls up to 1m high.
We also do timber gates and fencing in Adelaide and marion . We can arrange to pull down your old fence and replace it with a Southern Adelaide Colorbond fence (post and rail fencing or good neighbour) – sometimes in one day to keep in the dogs!


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Want to build your Colorbond fence yourself?

fencing supplies Adelaide

D.I.Y Colorbond fencing steps.

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