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Are you looking to put a fence around your home or property? Are you interested in the best fencing contractors in the Adelaide region? Then look no further. At Lee Benson Fencing we offer the best fencing solutions in the Adelaide region. Our team of expert contractors and service men work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best fence around your home and property. Whether it’s a frameless glass fence for your pool or a color bound BlueScope fence for your property that you are after, we at Lee Benson will ensure that you get all these and more at a fair price.

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The licensed fencing contractors at our establishment are skilled in installing different types of fences and this comes in handy when you need different fence types for the different sections of your establishment. We have provided extensive fencing solutions to both commercial establishments and residential home owners in the Adelaide region. The core of our business operations are centered in the Southern Adelaide region where we have installed color bound fences in the areas of St. Mary’s, Clovers Park, Marion, Glenelg, Eden Hills are its environs.


We use materials that are of the best quality and employ the best equipment in our installation process. This ensures that the structures we put up are strong, steady and reliable. Some of the fencing solutions we offer include the good neighbor fence, post and rail fence, a color bound blue scope fence, a glass pool fence, timber fence, a sliding gate fence as well as the retaining walls fence. All these we do at an affordable fee with no hidden charges. Our rates are the best in the region and this is in line with our policy of providing the best fencing solutions for whatever budget you are on.

You deserve it

We value our customers and our services are tailored to ensure maximum client satisfaction. We offer expert fencing services delivered with utmost care and executed in due diligence and maximum professionalism. To order our services simply contact us and one of our contractors will be sent over for an on-site visit. He will then survey the area and you will be provided with a free quote detailing the scope of work in your place, the price for the installation and how long it will take for the entire project to be completed. Once you are satisfied with our terms, a team of our expert contractors will begin work on your project. The installation will be done is a timely, professional and cost-efficient manner in line with the conditions of the agreement.

Visit our website today for the best fencing services in the Adelaide region. All the products we offer are listed on the website and picking a product that suits you is easy and straight forward. You will fill out a simple form where by you will list the fence type you are interested in and any other preferences such as color and the length of the fence. We respond quickly to requests and this saves you time and money.

Lee Benson Fencing is your best bet when it comes to fencing services in the Adelaide region.

How Much Does Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Cost In Adelaide?

When it comes to putting a fence around your new or existing pool there are a few options to choose from e.g tubular, chain-mesh, Colorbond and of course glass fencing. Glass fencing has come along way, in fact getting a frameless glass fence installed around your home can look like a million bucks!!


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What are the average costs in Adelaide?

It can vary depending on workmanship and quality of materials, don’t be fooled as their are materials out there that are poor quality and don’t look solid, you want to make sure you get marine grade steel for all of your spigots and the glass must be Australian approved, otherwise you could lean on it while your having friends over and it could blow up in your face, as it is toughened glass…..not a cool look.

MIN $350 LM

MAX $500LM

Speaking of Materials

Most glass panels will be between 600m long to 2000mm long, going any longer than that may cause the glass to bend or become weak under pressure, best to keep in those measurements.

If your going for frameless glass you will want tthe glass to be a t least 12mm thick, you can get 8mm – 10mm thick but we usually use that on semi frameless glass as it has a post to support it.

The glass we use has beveled edges so you cant cut yourself.

The other materials that you will find used to create a frameless glass fence are the gates,fixings and hinges. The fixtures or spigots are core drilled into the ground, and the glass panels fit snug into them. The fixtures have to be strong and not rust since they will be near water or near the beach. Most frameless glass fences come with gates that are 1,200 millimeters high and 834 millimeters wide roughly.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


  1. Frameless glass pool fencing does not obstruct the owners view and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  2. It blends in with any style or theme already present around the pool.
  3. Glass fences are last forever and hold up better to weather than wood.
  4. Unlike metal fences, glass fences are resistant to rust. This is good considering the glass will be subjected to the chemicals found in pools, such as chlorine.
  5. Fences keep animals and kids from running around the pool or accidentally falling in.


  1. Frameless glass fencing is pretty expensive compared to the price of other fencing options.
  2. This type of fence is hard to maintain. Just like any other large piece of glass, it needs to be cleaned regularly. When it is not clean, the dirt is clearly visible from both sides of the fence which is a pain.
  3. Frameless glass fencing provides no privacy. If the homeowner does not have another fence up around his yard, then everyone will be able to see whats going on, not that cool.
  4. Animals have a hard time seeing glass fences, so there could be a few accidents and a trip to the vet until they get used to it.

But after saying that if i had a home with a pool glass fencing would be my first choice, it by far looks the best and will last the test of time.

Lee Benson Fencing.

Top tips to keep your home safe while your on holidays

Top tips to keep you home safe while your on holidays

When your family decides to plan to go away on a nice vacation to get away from it all, there are other sneaky people who are doing some planning of their own! They are not dumb, they keep their eye out for people planning to go on holidays and wait for an empty house.

Home security

We have listed below some helpful tips to help keep out the bad guys while your away.

– If you can stop the mail run from putting newspapers on your lawn or leaving junk mail in the letter box it will help you a lot, as a pile of old newspapers out the front of your house is advertising to the bad guys that none is home.

-Get a timer set on your lights inside the house, a burglar is less likely to break into a house if they can sense someone is home.

– Get your neighbours to help out by putting out your garbage bins every week to make it look like there is something going on at the property

-Another great tip is to get motion sensors on the front of your house and even some around the back, motion sensors defiantly freak out potential burglars and will keep your home safe and secure.

-Make sure you park your car inside, that way if anyone has been keeping an eye on you they will not be able to notice that a car has gone missing or that a car hasn’t moved in days.

-If you really want to plan this well, you can install gravel pathways and driveways, they make lots of noise when someone tries to walk on them.

-Keep a tidy front yard, trim back all your trees and bushes as to keep the visibility up in the front yard, make it hard for someone to be able to hide in your front yard.

-Dont leave any ladders or garden tools lying around, it may give something to the trespasser to use to break into the house.

-Make sure that none can look inside your house, and if that is not possible make sure that all of your items that are worth something are hidden away out of sight, make your house look really boring, why would someone break in if there is not any cool stuff.

Install a fence that is at least 1.8m high, the higher the fence the harder it is to get in and out of the property, as our adelaide fencing contractors today.

-If you have a front fence with an automatic gate, make sure that it is shut and also make sure that there is no objects close to the fence that someone may be able to use to climb in.

-if you do leave the house, make sure that all your luggage labels are not flapping about on your suitcases for the whole world to see, its an invitation to the world that your are not going to be home.

If you have anyone that is going away these holidays, make sure to pass this on as to help them keep their home safe.


Just letting you know that we know do frameless glass pool fencing in adelaide



keep your house safe with our good neighbour colorbond fence at 1.8m high

lee benson fencing adelaide.

Paying for half a fence, do i have to?

Paying for half a fence, do i have to?

When it comes time to install a new fence you may have some issues with your neighbours about paying for half a fence in Adelaide!

It doesn’t matter which side you are on, wether you think a new fence needs to be installed or wether you think the one you have is sufficient enough to carry on and do its job as a fence, there are a few guidelines that must be followed, you can find these at “fences and the law” for Adelaide only.

post and rail fence on the boundary in Adelaide

Situations like this arise when the owner of a property knocks down the old house and would like to build a new house on the block, and the old fences do not necessarily fit into the picture and can actually make the new house look unfinished and cheap, so the old fence may not even need to be replaced which can cause tension between the neighbours. and both really have a good argument.

Another situation can arise when the house has new owners that have pets and need to be able to contain them in the yard which is their responsibility, the neighbour can argue that he or she does not need to pay as the fence does what it is meant to do for them.

Or your fence could be just getting old and could have blown over in the wind and usually in this scenario the owner and neighbour should pay half each, as the fence is dangerous and should not be left to blow in the wind and damage someones house, so paying for half a fence may be necessary.

The main thing to do in this situation is to be friendly to your neighbour, no one ever got anywhere talking to your in a forceful tone and using such words as “my rights” etc. Having a good neighbour relationship is not just about getting them to look after your fence but it can be an absolute nightmare living next door to someone that hates your guts, on the other hand having someone that you can get along with next door can help you by looking after your house and pets while you are away on holidays and things like that. So make the most of it and be friendly to your neighbours as you will enjoy living at on your street a lot more.

Colorbond fencing gate done in the marion area in the city of Adelaide, by lee benson fencing

The last thing you want to do is to go to court with your neighbour about something as stupid as putting in a fence, it can take time and money away from your life, and lets be honest, no one has time for that nonsense.

We hope that we have been helpful in some way, get as much info you can from your local council about fence heights and colours that you are allowed to have in your area as some areas in Adelaide are heritage listed and only allow certain types of fences to be installed.

If you need a licensed contractor to do the jo for you, give lee benson fencing a ring on 0404 264 167.

Of course you dont have to worry about this if you are installing a frameless glass pool fence in Adelaide

good luck with your fence and if you play it right you will have a great fence and great neighbours and everyone will want to pay half of their fence in Adelaide.

Colorbond graffiti removal

Colorbond graffiti removal

unfortunately fences will will be subjected to graffiti.
So let us help you with your colorbond graffiti removal.
There are a few products that can be used to remove graffiti off colorbond fencing but colorbond do not recommend most as it will void your warranty.
There is one product that seems to be quite affective and that is DuPont(tm) graffiti remover (EZ-3463tm).
DuPont(tm) says that its product is non hazardous and biodegradable water based product.
use of this product in accordance with the on-pack directions will not affect your fencing warranty for colorbond steel. so says colorbond.
IMPORTANT – it is advised that you remove the graffiti ASAP, prolonging it can result in the graffiti curing and then it will be alot harder to remove.
There are also anti graffiti coatings that you can put onto your fence to prevent graffiti from sticking easily, but again this voids your warranty.
You could also but a spray can that is the same colour as your fence, but please keep in mind that at a certain angle you will be able to tell a shade of difference.
This is all just advice, and i hope it helps your further research in protecting your asset.
Of cousre if you are trying to get graffiti of a frameless glass pool fence, its quite easy.

Profiles for fencing

Profiles for fencing

its a good question, its good to know what available profiles there are before you buy or install a fence, because choosing the right one will fit in to the style of you house and backyard.
1) TL5 profile, this profile you see around a lot and it is the most popular one around south adelaide. it has a square look, have a look at our fence range to see the profiles.
2) custom orb, is a profile you see in roofing on a lot of new homes these days, it was a wave look to it. again if you want to see pics that i have installed with these type of designs that i have done in adelaide visit my fence products page.
3)mini orb, exactly like the custom-orb except that the waves are close together, not many people use this type of sheet due to its price.
all of these can be done in post and rail or good neighbour colorbond.
Check our products page for more profiles for fencing.

profiles for fencing

Good neighbour Vs post and rail

Good neighbour Vs post and rail.

So what is the difference in good neighbour fencing and post and rail fencing and which one should i choose and what is the price difference?
Well post and rail is exactly that, square 50×50 posts in ground with quality concrete with 20×40 steel rails, then the sheets are screwed onto the rail and usually comes with capping.
Good neighbour fencing on the other hand, or panel fencing is a panel essentially that  usually consists  of 3 sheets of iron that sits into a bottom power coated rail an then one is also sleeved on top, and the 3 sheets overlap and sit between the 2 posts at ether end.
As for looks, well that a personal preference and colorbond advises that they have the same strength rating, but i guess if you really wanted to you could kick through a good neighbour fence if you hit it hard enough.
In Adelaide many fencing businesses vary the price, but at lee benson fencing the price for both are the same.
hope this helps you decide, here are some pics as well.
And if you are doing a pool fence, we recommend that you do frameless glass pool fencing

Colorbond fencing 0.35mm


Colorbond fencing 0.35mm

This is a job i did today, it was a pulldown of the old fence and a installation for the new, it was done at a set of units at marion.
the style of sheeting is tl5 and the colour “bronze olive”, it was a popular colour about 25 years ago, adelaide is plastered with it, especially at flagstaff hill and aberfoyle park.
This was a small job and i had it all done by 11:30am today, i started at 7:30am.
The customers were very good ones, we had a chat about things and the neighbourhood etc.
I then took the old fence to the tip to clean up my truck all ready for my next fencing job tomorrow, i didn’t just go home though, when owning a business there is always things to do!!!
Anyway i hope you like the photo of the fence.
see you soon
When it comes to glass pool fencing in Adelaide, we recommend a 12mm glass panel.

welding colorbond fencing to retaining walls.

Welding colorbond fencing to retaining walls.

Welding Adelaide fencing on top of retaining walls,
This is a colorbond fencing job done in Blackwood southern Adelaide, I actually really enjoy doing these types of jobs, why? cause i don’t have to dig holes!!
which is a really good thing, trust me.
With post and rail fencing, it is really easy, you just get a 50×50 post and weld it onto the side of the RSJ of the retaining wall, you then just follow the steps of a regular post and rail fence job.
Many contractors do not know how to weld affectively, you really need to penetrate the steel enough to get a strong weld, the best thing to do is to give it all you have after its welded to make sure its stuck onto that wall.
Apart from that it is easy to do and fun.
Here is a pic of the job i did at southern adelaide, its a stepped job.
stay in touch, we will be doing frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide soon.


Building a post and rail fence

Building a post and rail fence,

This is a adelaide fencing post and rail job, the customer wanted me to be able to do this job in one weeks time as he had that week off and wanted to pulldown the old fence himself.
so we first started by running a string line and digging the holes.
The fence had a slight slope, so we stepped the fence sheets.
Here is a pic of me making sure that the post goes deep into the concrete and making sure the adelaide fencingpost is level.
What i’m using here to screw the sheets is a impact driver, every fencer must have one to install a colorbond fence.
Every sheet must be levelled to make sure it looks right to the eye.
otherwise you are going to have a very funny looking post and rail fence.
here iam mixing up the concrete and getting alot of work done.
here is a pic of one of my great employees, in this photo he is putting the finishing touches to a quality colorbond fence.
Well here is the quality adelaide fence all done, the fence has been stepped every so often because of the slope of the ground.
So here is the finished colorbond fencing job done by lee benson fencing.
Building a post and rail fence.
we also know do frameless glass pool fencing in the Adelaide region.

Fencing disputes with neighbours

Fencing disputes with neighbours

Well this happens on almost every job trust me, you are not the only person in adelaide that has a fencing dispute with your neighbour, it happens all the time, wether  it’s about choosing the colorbond fencing colour or what they will do with the dogs or they are happy with the fence and don’t want to pay half, all these happen on a daily basis for fencing companies, we hear them all the time, its quite fun that they call it “good neighbour” fencing.
What can you do?
I would suggest taking with your neighbour as much as you can and try to come to an agreement in a mature manner, try to understand their point of view of their colorbondfencing needs, this is the best way to do things, if you threaten first up you are not going to get very far and remember you live next to them, why make you life miserable?
All the information you need will be in this brochure from the government of sa.
When it comes to glass pool fencing, you wont have these problems.

Adelaide fence supplies

Adelaide fencing supplies

At lee benson fencing we supply all your fencing needs.
34 Woodlea Dr
Aberfoyle park SA 5159
Mob: 0404 264 167
Check out our online store
we have a wide range of products that we can supply and install.
-Good Neighbour
-Post and Rail
-Custom orb colorbond sheets
-tl5 colorbond sheets 0.35
-tl5 sheets 0.32
-tubluar fencing
-pool fencing
-timber fencing
-automatic gates
-colorbond fencing
-slat fencing
-under fence plinths
-mini orb sheeting 0.35
– frameless glass pool fencing
This is some of the fencing supplies that we can supply and install at your south adelaide home.
Give us a call today for a free quote, we can do custom made jobs as well.
We love fencing, and we know by experience that a adelaide fence really puts a finishing touch to your home and if it is done right can add great value to your property.
Make sure that you do your research when purchasing for fencing supplies in adelaide, there are so many different types of styles and quality, you could end up getting a really great price on some fencing materials but it could be imported from overseas and usually the quality is very poor, in fact the fence sheets will fade in a very short time, making your fence look terrible. We only supply the best frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide.
If you are looking at purchasing your own materials and installing yourself please feel free to give us a call as we can order the materials and supplies for you at a great price and we will also give you a few tips on how to do the job yourself in a professional way, cause getting the job done right makes a quality fence.
We can freight anywhere in the adelaide metro area at a very completive price on our fencing supplies, give us a call today to see what price we can do for you.
If you are looking for us to install you fencing product, we can get our fencing contractors to put up your fencing supplies that you have ordered, our fencing contractors are great and know what they are doing, they will install your fence according to the colorbond fencing specs. this way you know that everything has been done right, which will give you a piece of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about the fence falling over in the next wind.
So Call us today and visit our online store to get the best price and quality on your fencing supplies in adelaide.
Lee Benson

Adelaide fence prices

Adelaide fence prices

what should you be paying for a colorbond fence in south adelaide?
There is a lot of fencing contractors out there in adelaide that think they know how to build a fence, you might find them in the local paper, they don’t have a website or even a builders license/contractors license, these guys can do a fence for $50 per/m for a flat block at an average of 30m = 1 side fence boundary.
On the other hand you might have very large fencing companies which are getting so much work they charge $90 per/m which is right out of a lot of peoples price range.
We at lee benson fencing are in the middle of that price range, we don’t expect you to pay too much for a fence but we cannot do a quality job on the lowest rates which would also more than likely be imported material.
We offer you the best quality job at a reasonable price. 14/5/13

Free fencing quotes

Free fencing quotes

At lee benson fencing we understand that it can be stressful finding a great company that will do a great job on the installation and supply of your fence.
We also know that you may not know the best fence solution for your property.
Let us take care of you.
I have been brought up by my parents and my peers and they have taught me to be an honest person and to find enjoyment in doing a great job and running an honest business.
At lee benson fencing that is what we are trying to achieve, an honest and helpful business that will give a reasonable price for your fencing needs.
We try and help our customers by giving them advice on what we think they need and don’t need, we let them know how the fence will be done to all installationstandardsand that they will have a peace of mind once the job has been done.
We give our customer a choice on a wide range of great products, colorbond, good neighbour and post and rail just to name a few.
We service the southern area of adelaide, which includes marion, glengowrie, glenelg, brighton, plympton, edwardstown and st marys.
We enjoy our customers company while we are on the site and always have time for a chat and for a coffee !!!! but if you bring out too many biscuits we may not go back to work, ha ha.
we recently have been getting into the new “slat fencing” from fielders and also fromstratco, its a fabulous product and can really make your home look great and make all your neighbour jealous.
So Give us a call today to get a free onsite quote and we can assure you that once you have experienced lee benson fencing’s work, you will have a peace of mind and a beautiful fence, which will add value to your home.
Adding value to your adelaide home.
see you soon.


Installing colorbond fencing posts

Installing colorbond fencing posts

In this article we will be showing you how to install colorbond good neighbour fencingposts, its not very hard once you have been told how to do it.
1) establish where your boundaries are and run a string line from one end of the boundary to the other.
2) Once this is done get yourself a panel fence rail used for the construction of a good neighbour fence and use it as a spacer to mark out were each posts will go, best to use spray paint to mark your holes.
3) dig, dig and dig some more, this will test your girly hands to see if your a real man, i sometimes come back from holidays and my hands are soft and i get plenty of blisters on my first few weeks back on the job.
4) colorbond fencing posts are needed to be screwed back to back to make up one panel fence post, do so and make sure you put in at least 7 screws in each for a standard 1.8m high fence, do it like a good fencing contractor.
5) lay them out at each hole and get yourself a level and start mixing up some cement.
6) slide in you posts using your spacer and level and leave them over night before you start sheeting your good neighbour fence.
Well that is pretty much how it is done at lee benson fencing.
We also know do frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide.

In the office of a fencing business

 In the office of a fencing business

Well you might see me on the job site digging fence post holes or screwing together a colorbond good neighbour fence or maybe on site talking about which fence is the best for your property but all the hard work is really done back here in my office.
How does it work?
Well in my office i try and create an environment in which i can feel creative in, so i have great music playing in the background, the room is painted in a neutral colour, and i have my whiteboard in which i put motivational phrases or quotes.
I receive quotes and phone calls in my office, this is where i make the calls to order your colorbond fencing orders and to give you dates on the installation of your fence.
I also receive customer emails and plans through my Mac laptop, in the office here is where i calculate and estimate your free fencing quotes.
Updating my blog so you can receive the best information and answers to you fencing needs.
Lots of work is done in this little office, and its in here where the beginning of your fence is created, like you frameless glass pool fence.
Talk to you soon
lee benson fencing


What should i consider before building a fence

What should i consider before building a fence

Well before you consider getting a professional out to quote your job, it always helps to do a bit of homework, are you replacing an old fence? do you and your neighbour think it would be best to survey the land to make sure there are no disputes as to where the fence should be.
It also helps to discuss with your neighbour as to what height you would like the colorbond fence to be 1.2m or 2.1m, and get a fence colour brochure from your local hardware or fencing supplies store.
What type of fence you require is also a good question, do you want the modern panel fence also know as good neighbour or the classic post and rail fence or maybe even a slat fence to change the fence up a bit.
Once you know some of these facts it will be easier to discuss with your fencing contractor the type of fence you want to be quoted for.
Then you will also feel more confident in your choice of fencing cause you have done the research. Also make sure you do your reaseach when installing a frameless glass pool fence in Adelaide.

Fencing on a new site

Fencing on a new site

This is a job that i have done in south adelaide,
It was the first time i have been asked to be on a job site when the demolition crew, the surveyor and the fencing contractor were all on the site in the same day.
Let me tell you it was a funny day.
I had to screw posts together off site while i waited for the demo crew to pulldown theold fence, but i couldn’t do anything until the surveyor had marked out the boundaries as well.
the fence posts had to go in the same day because the people next door said they do not want a new fence if it is not done on the same day, fair enough i suppose but not an easy task seeing we could not start the fence until midday.
Anyway we finally got the good neighbour posts in but could not do anymore work cause it was up to 50km winds and you cannot finish off a job the same day with that kind of wind even if the posts have set.
Any way i went back saturday afternoon when the wind had died down a bit to finish off the fence so everyone would be happy chappy.
In this photo he fence is not finished as some of the posts need to be cut off and levelled.
On the other side of the job i have to patch up a bit of post and rail colorbond fencewhich is only about 11m in length, so it should only take about a day to do.
Fencing a new job site is great as it gives us plenty of work but there are a lot of factors like trying to deal with all of the neighbours as you affect each and single on when you pull down an old fence.
Anyway apart from that we love our job and we do the best we can to make sure that our customers are happy.

Why choose our fencing company

Why choose our fencing company

Lee benson fencing is a family owned business, all of our staff are customer friendly and have been chosen carefully so we have a great team.
Most of the time you will be dealing with me, thats right ‘lee benson’, i will be involved  personally most of the time in your adelaide fencing job.
Which is good for a few reasons, any problem that you have it comes directly to me and i can talk to you about the problem and we can sort it out together.
And most of the work is done by me, and at lee benson fencing we have high quality standards, we use the standards given to us by colorbond and we go that bit extra to make sure you have a great fence.
We make sure that we understand exactly what you need before any fencing products are ordered or installed.
And we give you in detail information on how the fence will be installed and what the finished product will look like, not too many fencing companies do this, cause it is an adelaide owned business we take care of you cause we live here too.
We believe in a ‘good name’ and that word of mouth is our most valuable asset, so this is why we do a wonderful job, because we know it will add value to your home and that you will tell all your friends about it.
call us today to get your lee benson fence.


5 top fencing problems in Adelaide and how to avoid them

Top 5 Fencing problems in Adelaide and how to avoid them

At Lee benson fencing we have been in the fencing business for some time now and we have put together a list of the TOP 5 FENCING PROBLEMS and how to address them, We try to discuss with our customers all of these tips in detail to make sure there are no hiccups along the way.
NON APPROVED FENCING, this can be easily not thought of when you are ready to install your colorbond fence, its best to check with your local council to see what the rules are, you may be in an area which only allows a certain type of fencing or colorbond colour.
FENCE LINE DISPUTES, making sure your proposed fence is on the boundary is very important, and getting it right before you install the fence will eliminate a lot of problems down the track, you should always make sure you use your property pins to establish your fence line, if you cannot find the pins it may be necessary to get asurveyor out to mark it for you.
FENCING DAMAGES UTILITY LINES, When you have a profession that digs holes all the time your more than likely to hit something even if you have sought out the plans for the area, Lee benson fencing recommends that you ring dial before you digto get all the info on your place, as it is always good to know where the telstra, water and gas lines are.
INSTALLING THE WRONG TYPE OF FENCING, At lee benson fencing we use great fencing contractors and they will discuss with you all the details of your fencing before it is installed, privacy, pool, safety are just a few of the things we talk about when quoting a fence, or even having a steel fence by the sea instead of aluminium.
FIND A GREAT FENCING CONTRACTOR, keep clear of salesmen and people trying to rush you into a sale, they only care about getting your money and may not care about a great job, you should be able to feel comfortable with the fencing company you go with, the best way to find great contractors is word of mouth through your friends and family. What should you ask a contractor? Are they licensed, how long have they been in business for and has it been under the same name? are they insured in case anything should happen, be clear on the payment methods and how the fence will be done.
And last of all DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Espically when getting a contractor for frameless glass pool fencing.

How to have friendly neighbours

How to have friendly neighbours

Before you even think about getting a new fence it is always a good idea to invite yourself over to your neighbours to have a good chat about your fence.
Its always great to be in a good relationship with your neighbours, like having them over for dinner and to make sure they check your mail when your on holidays etc.   Talk to them about why you think you need a new Adelaide fence, you could talk to them about the state of the old fence or how the new fence will add value to the property, which it does especially if you are trying to sell.
Talk to them about where you think the boundaries are and what type of fencing suits you both wither it be timber, slats or colorbond.
You and your neighbours should talk about how sure you are about your boundaries as this can cause problems down the track, no one wants to be taken to court.
Also check with your local council to see what type of fencing they allow in your area and what heights are ok.
Being good with your neighbours is a great start to a fence.
A well thought out fence can really make your yard fantastic and a fantastic fencemakes fantastic neighbours.
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We now install frameless glass pool fencing in the Adelaide area.

Great Adelaide fencing

Great Adelaide fencing

Your new fence can be used to know where your boundary is and to make your place look great.
When adelaide was first being designed as a city early owners could build a fence onto to boundary knowing that they would not have to move it anytime soon.
If you have a good look around at some of the heritage listed houses around adelaide you will see some fantastic south adelaide fencing, these guys didn’t just use colorbond, they imported some amazing wrought iron designs which would of been very expensive.
Adelaide fencing has changed over time.
But some have kept that elegant look from the early settlers, which makes their house look like a million bucks or even more.
Some of these beautiful fences have been constructed by lee benson fencing, we are proud to add or little bit into history.
If you really know adelaide really well, we would like you to send us photos of some of the great fences you have come across, we would love to upload them to our blog.
Of course all of this beautiful fencing comes at a price, we at lee benson fencing still believe in colorbond fencing to be one of the best designs to go for when you are looking to do up your house or investment property.
Gettin a frameless glass pool fence will add value to your property!
We love fencing, and we only believe in the best products and services for our adelaide customers, and we also only use the best contractors who are licensed and well trained by our staff to make sure they look after you and understand your desires.
cause we know that when you do a fence it stands out and it can make or break your property.

5 reasons why you should build a new fence

5 Reasons why you should buy a new fence

1) PRIVACY, having privacy is an important thing, no matter how good you get on with your neighbour it is always nice to know that you can cruze around in your backyard and do what you want knowing that your neighbours not peaking over the fence having a look at what your getting up too.
2) SECURITY, having a safe place to live is important, at our place not that long ago we had someone jump over our fence and run across the backyard in the middle of the night, this was because our adelaide fencing was not high enough and easy to scale, keeping your family safe is very important.
3) VALUE, adding a new fence to your home raises the value of your home, when you sell it is one of the first things people notice and it can really make your house look fantastic if you have a beautiful fence done by the right contractors.
4) SAFETY, having a home that is safe is very important, when you have friends over you don’t want young children cutting their hands on a colorbond fence, and its good to have a new fence, an old fence might leave room for your dog to get out and run loose, or a fence sheet may come off in the next storm and do some damage. Or if you have a pool, you must have frameless glass pool fencing.
5) PEACE OF MIND, having a new fence around your property gives you a secure home and a nice foundry to work to, once you have a great fence you can start thinking about how you are going to do up the rest of your yard, as a good and great fence is easy to work to.

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How to go about getting a fence

How to go about getting a fence

1) look up on google your local area + fencing to see the local companies in your area that supply and install fencing, you could also use the yellow pages but that is getting to be a bit old and not many people use that anymore as businesses have found it far to expensive, a really good way to find a great fence contractor is to look in your local paper.
2) Get a few fencing contractors to come out and asses your site and your old fence and discuss with them what you would like, make sure you do you research and find out as much as you can, like whats the difference between colorbond and import?
3) once you have your quote discuss with your neighbour which company you think was best value for money and that will do a great fencing job. always be friendly with your neighbours, trust me.
4) Let the fencing contractor know you want to go with them and follow the procedure that they give you i.e signing a contract. they will then order materials for you job from a local fencing supplier.
5) get your fence installed and make sure your dogs have somewhere to go and allow plenty of access for you contractor and remove anything from the boundary that you think may get destroyed in the process.
And there you have it, the easy way to get a quality fence at your south adelaide home, or a frameless glass fence for your pool.

5 steps to installing a good neighbour fence

5 steps to install a good neighbour adelaide fence

1) First you need to establish your boundary line, all good adelaide fencing sits on top of the boundary line, to do this you can sometimes find and the end of your property pegs that have been placed by a local surveyor, if you house id too old you can put the new fence where the old fence was but this is not advised by us as it can lead toproblems down the track.
) Mark your holes, to do this use the fencing rail that is used for the panel fence, actually use 2 of them, have the first one where you want the fence to start then leave a 10mm gap and place the next one down, as you do this mark the ground accordingly  . Marking your holes is very important to a south adelaide fencing contractor, as you do not want to be digging holes for no reason.
3) Dig the holes, now depending on what size your fence is you will have to dig your holes accordingly, but for a 1.8m high colorbond fence you will need to dig your holes 200mmx650mm this is the best way to do it, and it will give you fence plenty of strength in cyclonic winds.
4)Concrete in your posts, i use a cement mixer as i believe that quick set concrete is not strong enough for fencing, using a good strong mix is the way to go, pour it into you holes and use a level and your rail spacer as you go along, and keep your string line up so you can keep the straight line.
5)Put in the bottom rail first and screw it to the posts, next grab 3 sheets and keep them nearby and slot in you 3 sheets into a standard panel of good neighbour fencing, then slide on your top rail to secure your sheeting and screw off the whole fence.
there you have it, if you need any more info feel free to contact us.
We also do frameless glass pool fencing in the Adelaide region.

Building a great fence

Building a great fence

Building a great fence takes more than a few skills or a local handyman to do, if you want a fence that is super strong and will last and a fence that is super straight you will need someone who know what they are doing and thats where we come in at lee benson fencing we only believe in the best adelaide fencing contractors around.
With a lee benson fencing fence you will be able to feel safe a secure from all the nasties outside but you fence will still be able to look great as well, we don’t compromise on quality or looks just to keep you safe.
We believe that a great fence, and one that has been done by a craftsman andsomeone that loves doing a quality job, will add value to you home or property, a fence is the first thing you see really and if that fence has been done properly by someone who cares it really makes your house look fantastic.
We also believe in good quality staff and team members, we want to be the best adelaide fencing company that there is, and we will get there because we believe in looking after our customer and doing a great job on an southern adelaide fence.
We have a wide range of fencing to suit your needs inc colorbond, slat, timber, gates, tubular, frameless glass pool fencing, sliding gates and much more, if we have not heard of it please tell us.
So wether you live in an mansion or a shack or commercial site, we at lee benson fencing will do a great job for you!!!

5 great things about good neighbour fencing

5 great things about good neighbour fencing

Well we are going to spend a short time on looking at the benefits of an adelaide fencing profile called good neighbour fencing, and here are 5 great things about it.
1) well the first great thing about a good neighbour fence is that it looks great, it has been around for some time now and manufactures have now come up with designs that look fantastic and great on any property.
2) it is double sided and no one has a bad side so to speak, unlike the traditional post and rail fencing panel fencing has no gal post and rails on one side, its posts are powder coated and so are the rails and its designed symmetrically which is why its good on both sides!!
3) lee benson fencing does good neighbour for the exact same price as post and rail, i know its crazy right, but that is how we role, we know you want a great fence so we have made it possible to fit a good neighbour fence into your budget.
4) it is made by bhp, which means that it is not a cheap import and the product will last for a long time, and because it is powder coated it will also not rust any time soon, which is why its a no brainer to choose it for your new home.
5) it comes in all colorbond colours, so whatever you backyard or house looks like we can find the exact colour to match and make your house look great, we can get it to match your roof or guttering providing it is also colorbond.
Well if your looking for fencing in adelaide call lee benson fencing today.
We can now install a frameless glass pool fence for you in Adelaide

Winter is a good time to get a fence

Winter is a good time to get a fence

Why? because its the season that is cold and everybody is inside and they don’t think too much about doing as much landscaping as they did in spring.
People like to hibernate at this time of year and don’t even go outside and don’t want to think of even getting out there to do some work.
This is good because that also means that all the adelaide fencing contractors do not have as much on as usual, what does that mean?
Cheaper and more competitive prices of course, think about it, its that time of year everybody stays inside to stay warm and the people doing well right now would be people who install heaters and fixing roof leaks etc.
And because these tradesman do not have as much work as they usually do, they will not be in a rush and they will do a better job than they would usually would because they will take time and be more relaxed.
When the birds are out and everybody gets out side, you will find it very difficult to find yourself a tradesman and getting one of them to even do a quote can be hard.
If you do find an adelaide fencing contractor and it is really cheap at that time of year, all i have to say is watch out, ask yourself why isn’t he really busy!!
So if your looking to do up your backyard this year, now is the time to do it, get motivated and make the call for a free fence quote today.
Summer time is a busy time for getting a frameless glass pool fence in Adelaide.

What a fencing business does when its wet.

What does a fencing business do when it is wet

Well today in adelaide it is wet really wet!! here are some on the things i got up today.
1) i still woke up early and went for my early morning bike ride even though it was very wet, i enjoy doing exercise first thing in the morning its gets your thoughts in order and it feels like you have had a win before the day has even started, to give you a bit of momentum.
2) I got on my rain proof jacket and went out and did some free quotes in the Adelaide region, how it basically worked was that i talked to the customer inside their warm house, then i ran along with the tape measure and did my thing, i got wet, real wet.
one nice customer came out with an umbrella which was nice and a bit cosy.
3) after all of that i came home and had a real nice shower, then got down into writing out my colorbond fencing quotes, i spent a couple of hours working out the best materials and price for my customers.
4) i ordered all the material i needed for the next couple of weeks and sorted out where my fencing contractors needed to go.
5) then i caught up on all my dreaded paper work which alladelaide fencing companies have to do eventually, you can’t put it off forever!!
so that is how i spent my day, when you own a fencing company there is never really a day off so don’t feel jealous because it looks like i have the day off.

Things to think about before building a fence

Things to think about before building a fence

So thinking of building a fence to give your home or investment a bit more value?
here are a few things to think about before going ahead with adelaide fencing.
Where do you want the fence? is it a side boundary or a front fence, this matters because a side boundary can be a basic fence style to cover the meterage, not saying that it cannot look great, but your not usually going to put concrete pillars on the boundary as you would on the front of the property, which you want to be more flashy like colorbond slats etc.
Who are you going to get to supply and install your fence, have a look around and get a few different adelaide fencing contractors to make sure you get a bit of variety, then pick from the best quality and price, you will soon pick up the vibe of the contractors that are great.
Why do you want the fence, do you want to keep in you well loved family pets so they don’t run away? is it for security or is it for looks? do you still want to be able to talk to your neighbour over the fence or would you rather your backyard be a private place for you to relax? all these things matter of course and it is good to think about before you get someone to come out and give you a fencing quote, as sometimes it can be messy if the customer is vague on what materials they want.
Make sure you know what your doing before installing a frameless glass pool fence.
Think about how much you would like to pay for a fence? what is your budget, after all you don’t want to go into too much dept as it is not a very nice thing. you may need to get a fencing quote then save up, as this can be the best way, unless it is urgent and the fence is falling over and you really need that fence to keep in your kids.
so there a just a few tips on a few things to think about before you go ahead with a fence, and i would advice to do your research as you don’t want to be taken for a ride or anything like that. good luck with getting your adelaide fencing!!!

How to start a fencing business

How to start a fencing business

To start an Adelaide fencing business is not too hard, i have outlined a few steps to get you started.
Get licensed, this is going to help you with your business and it will keep you out of trouble, it will put you above your competitors, and not only that it will give you a good base to start your business, how do you go about getting one, a simple tafe course would do the trick, it would not take too long to get the skills needed for one, at lee benson fencing we use a builders licence.
Get skilled, getting the skills you need to do fencing should not take too long if you are handy, find a great adelaide fencing contractor who you can start work with and learn everything you can from them, including how to manage your books and how to do quotes and how they run their business.
Ask questions, asking heaps of questions is the best way to be successful in anything, learning about how to grow a business is an ongoing thing but if you ask plenty of questions of those who are already successful you will stand on the shoulders of other and you will save a lot of time, cause you will learn by their experience.
Keep it simple, keeping it simple is my advice when building a business, get out of your mind that a business only bring stress and less time, if you think that, that is what you will receive, building a business is fun and exciting, growing hurts but not growing and being bored and doing the same thing everyday doesn’t bring the joy of creativity.
Start small, who said that you need a loan to start a business!! start of small and build a great business from scratch, it takes all the stress out and you will be more focused on making sure your always in the green and making money as that is a great habit to have in life full stop.
Enjoy, and last of all enjoy what you do cause if you do not enjoy it ask yourself why are you doing it, out of fear? a life run by fear and the fear of losing something is no way to live, enjoy what you do and your mind will be relaxed and great ideas come from a happy mind.

Is fencing a good investment?

Is fencing a good investment?

Looking at adding value to your adelaide home? or getting ready to sell and want the best and cost effective way for your house to look better on the market, consider getting a new fence, here are some reasons why.
when buyers are looking for a new investment property or a new home to live in for themselves, for some reason they always look at the fence, it is a piece of contraction that draws the buyers eyes and they think oh, i’m gonna have to build a new fence or that needs to be done before we move in so our god doesn’t escape and they may be turned off by the handwork or cost.

Adelaide fencing when installed at your adelaide home by an adelaide fencing contractor can make your home look like a million dollars, trust me i know, when you build a new fence in your backyard it can make all the difference.

building a fence can help you with your landscaping, as in you might be thinking i would like to tidy up my backyard but first i would like to have something to work to and i’m not sure if the old fence is on the boundary, so getting a new fence will help stop you procrastinating.
Frameless glass pool fencing is a great investment.
Colorbond fencing will also give you the security that you need to live in peace, and not be worried about strangers or neighbours looking in to see what you are up to.
So all in all getting a professional around to install your adelaide fencing might be a great idea to put up the price of your house, call lee benson fencing today for more info.

Shop online for fencing

Shop online for fencing

1) Here at our new online store at lee benson fencing we have made it so easy and safe for you to purchase the great materials that we use for all of the fencing adelaide region, our store has a few simple and easy options so buying your fence has never been easier.
2) We at lee benson fencing believe that you should be able to feel safe while you purchase goods online, that is why we have teamed up with one of the best payment facilities online. you can now pay for your fencing know that its going to go to the right place.
3) We have a great rate for freighting your materials to your house, at the moment our flat rate is $40 within the adelaide metro region, we try to get your goods to you within 5 working days, depending on what material it is it could get to you sooner.
4) We only use the best quality materials for or online store, we do not sell imported goods from overseas, our products are made by bluescope steel, and with their product range they do have a budget type of sheeting and also a colorbond sheeting which comes  with a warranty.
5) You do not have to rely on fencing contractors adelaide to make sure they do your job properly, you now have the opportunity to D.I.Y we also have the tools and resources and installing instructions for you, take your time and you will be able to work out how to install your own fence. Or install your own frameless glass pool fence in Adelaide.
If you have any trouble with installing your fence or need a hand deciding what type of fence you should order do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you a hand and point you in the right direction.

Fencing contractors in Adelaide

Fencing contractors in Adelaide

Why are we the best?
Well firstly we love our job, we have found way to increase the joy of the work that we do, we have done this by priding ourselves in our work, we like to see that we have done a great job and would like to have our name attached to the job, we also have a purpose for our business, and that is to be understanding and getting the best finished results.
We are fully licensed which means we have done the hard yards and we actually know what we are doing and we know how to get a fence level and straight and know the grade of the concrete that we should use, so our fences will be standing the test of time.
The staff that we choose are just not anybody, we carefully choose motivated and spiritual people, this is what makes our company great, having a great team that whats to be the best that they can means that you get the best service as possible.
Make sure your contractors know what they are doing when installing a frameless glass pool fence.
We are a family owned fencing adelaide business, so what does that mean? it means that this business is what gives my family bread and butter at night and keeps my family fed, which means that we will look after this company and make sure it grows and has a future as it is our soul source of income.
We have great communication skills, you will not find too many fencing contractors in adelaide that will be able to communicate and understand you as well as us, we are not rough but polite and we will be able to give you the best information on the market.
So give us a call today or check our online store if you want to buy your ownsupplies.

Fencing ideas Adelaide

Fencing ideas Adelaide

At lee benson fencing we have a great range of fencing adelaide materials and ideas if you don’t believe us just check out our website for more info and photos of the great fences that we supply and install.
We do all types of fencing including post and rail, good neighbour, slat fencing, timber gates, sliding gates, automatic gates and small retaining walls.
We pride ourselves in making sure that we are up to date with the new type of fencing that is on the market if you would like to make sure your house or property has the cutting edge designs.
We not install a frameless glass pool fence around your pool?
We believe in a great fence and we also believe that a fence needs to be chosen carefully to make sure that it suits your home and your needs Inc. keeping in your pets or keeping other out etc.
So give us a call today and one of our fencing contractors will be able to talk to you about the type of fencing that you need and desire, and one that will match the theme of your home, that is what we are here for, so ask us as many questions as you like, we love to help.
See you soon.

Creating a great backyard

Creating a great backyard.

Creating a great backyard should take a lot of thought, getting the right type of design and layout is crucial when landscaping your backyard, but getting the right type of tradespeople for the job will save you a lot of time.
Well they have spent everyday of their working lives doing these types of jobs and a good fencing company can really help you choose what will suit your backyard, they have seen a lot of backyards and know what they are talking about.
Next step is to find a great fencing contractor in Adelaide.
How do you do that?   The best way is to ask your family and friends, they will know, they may of gotten a fencing company to look after their fence or know of a friend that got a great business to do their job.
Do you need retaining?
Get a frameless glass pool fence installed.
Knowing whether you need retaining can be hard, get a fencing or retaining specialist, getting the foundation right first is the key to a get backyard “ the wise man built his House upon a rock”.
Does your neighbor agree?
Getting your neighbor to pay half or to even approve of a new fence can be a very hard process, depending of the state of the old fence, if the old fence is not that old and still holds together and depending on the neighbor it could be an easy or hard process, so good luck with that, at lee benson fencing we have seen it all.   What color is the best for your house?
Do you want the fence to match the roofing of the house or the brickwork and would you rather that it blend in with the garden so it cannot be seen at all? These are all tips of getting the right type of fencing for your backyard.
Do you have dogs?
Depending on how big your dogs are you may need to get a fence that is tall enough so the dogs do not jump over it, or if your dogs are diggers you may need to install a concrete plinth or some type of dog barrier or electric fence.
How secure do you want your backyard to be?
You may want the fence to be tall enough so you limit the chance of intruders jumping over and coming into your backyard and stealing stuff.
Have you considered D.I.Y fencing?
We have all the materials and supplies that you will ever need for your fencing needs, have a look at our online store if you would like to diy your own fencing and boundry.
Get a great landscaper
Ask them for pictures on the work that they have done, ask them if they have a license and how long that they have been in the industry, these are important questions, more important then the price of the landscaping.
So we hope that these tips will help you in your journey in creating the best backyard in Fencing Adelaide.

How to install a fence post

How to install a fence post

Getting in and installing a fence post right is very important as it is where the whole structure is fixed to, it is the foundation for the whole fence, it doesn’t matter if your fence looks nice, if it isn’t done properly your not going to have a fence that lasts very long and will fall over in the first real wind that comes up and there is always storms in life.
Installing a frameless glass pool fence spigot is a little different.
So firstly you need to determine what kind of fence that you are putting in and what height is it, this is important because if the fence is taller you will want to go a lot deeper than your usual post depth for a 1.8m high fence.
Also keep in mind if the soil that you are digging is very loose or recently been excavated or you are by the beach and most of the ground is sand you will want to put a really good footing down, deep down.
Too many times i have driven around and seen a brand new fence leaning over because someone cut corners and didn’t do a proper footing and didn’t dig their holes deep enough, i can’t stress how important this is.
The usual depth for a post and rail colorbond fence which is 1.8m high and is installed with 50×50 gal posts is 600mmx200mm at lee benson fencing we go down that extra 100mm to 700mm deep just to make sure that the adelaide fence lasts along time, actually it is more of a piece of mind for us know that we have done the job properly means that we know and have certainty that our fencing is not going to fall down in a hurry, therefore we can go to sleep at night not having to worry about a thing.
Also make sure you use a great and quality type of cement when you are installing your fencing adelaide, as this makes sure that the post is nice and hard, and i don’t care what people say about quick set, don’t use it for fencing.
So basically dig your south adelaide fencing hole down to 600mm and then fill it up with your quality cement and concrete and then you position for fencing post over the hole and hold it at the tip so it so gravity makes the post straight then drop it into your slurry mix and level the post off, leave it for a couple of hours and go back and level it again to make sure it hasn’t moved and that is the job done.
Let me know if you have any questions we can help you out at lee benson fencing, we are more than happy to help your with your adelaide fencing needs, we service a wide range of areas around the south adelaide area and southern adelaide area, call us today for a free quote for your adelaide fencing needs.

Wholesale prices Adelaide

Wholesale prices Adelaide

If you are looking for a completive price on fencing supplies in adelaide try lee benson fencing, we carry a wide range of stock and we use only the best materials in the industry, If fact we use the top roller of fencing material in adelaide “fielders” they are not just know for their fencing products but also for their great range of roofing materials and supplies, they have a great warehouse and we can get materials rolled to you liking made within a couple of days, they are a great company.
This is the products we use and sell down below, and because we buy and sell a lot we can sell to you at a fantastic price, check our online storeif you don’t believe us.
Good Neighbour fencing. or other wise know as friendly neighbour or panel fencing, this is becoming more popular throughout the adelaide region, i guess it is because of it smart design to look good on both sides that catches peoples attention, it is also very strong and durable and meets all the wind ratings that a fence should have.
Post and Rail fencing. The classic post and rail seems to still rule in adelaide, people still buy this product because of its simplicity and strength, fence sheets will less likely to fly away seeing that they are actually screwed onto the fence rail which attaches to a post which is in the ground with a decent footing.
Frameless glass pool fencing.
Both of these products is basically what we sell the most at lee benson fencing, you can also get these products in ether the BHP 0.35mm or BHP 0.32mm if your looking to go a bit cheaper the budget option is actually what most people buy cause it still lasts basically just as long but does not come with a guarantee from colorbond.
So if you are looking for a great product range at a price that is priced right check out our online store and we will guide you through what you will need for your property, we freight anywhere within the Adelaide metro area at a great rate so you can still make the savings when you purchase our products, and so you don’t have to organise with your neighbour to borrow their trailer and pick up the gear and waste your time which could be spent mowing the lawn or spending time with your family, let us do all the hard work for you.

Having a fence that lasts


Having a fence that lasts


Having fencing that lasts isn’t too arduous if you recognize a number of tips, here at lee benson fencing we are going to offer you some recommendations on a few ways to take care of your colorbond, good neighbor or post and rail fence.

Keep it clean.

Having a fence that’s clean can make the merchandise last lots longer than one that’s not taken care of, therefore how does one take care of a fence?

Give it an honest hose once monthly with a house to clean away grime, flora and bryophyte or maybe dirt, additionally provide the tracks a clean if it’s a good neighbor fence, clean out the dirt and leaves even as you’d clean out you roofing gutters to avoid rust etc, get eliminate the cobwebs and when this your fence are trying latest.

Make sure that if there ar trees planted right beside the fence that they’re not growing to massive and that the roots don’t seem to be pushing the footings out of the manner, the branches of the tree may be a tangle, if it gets windy they’ll sway into the fence and make harm that isn’t nice.

Make sure you and your neighbor don’t have something leaning up against the fence like rubbish or alternative objects, confirm additionally that they do not have a build up soil against the fence, this is often not an honest habit to urge into, it’ll rust your fence to bits, additionally having a vascular plant can get in between your sheets and rails and pull the fencing apart.

Get your frameless glass pool fence done right.

Apart from that, that’s about the most that you simply can do to look after the lifespan of your fencing adelaide.

Having a great backyard

Having a great backyard

Creating an excellent landscape ought to take plenty of thought, obtaining the proper kind of style and layout is crucial once landscaping your grounds, however obtaining the proper kind of tradespeople for the duty can save you plenty of your time.
Well they have spent everyday of their operating lives doing these sorts of jobs and an honest fencing company will really assist you in choosing what is going to fit your grounds, they have seen plenty of backyards and apprehend what they’re talking about.
Next step is to seek out an excellent fencing contractor in Adelaide.
How does one do that?
The best approach is to ask your family and friends, they’re going to know, they’ll of gotten a fencing company to look after their fence or recognize of a friend that got an excellent business to try and do their job.
Do you want retaining?
Knowing whether or not you need retaining can be laborious, get a fencing or retaining specialist, obtaining the inspiration 1st is that the key to a get a great landscape “ the mentor engineered his House upon a rock”.
Does your neighbor agree?
Getting your neighbor to pay 0.5 or to even approve of a replacement fence are often a really laborious method, relying of the state of the recent fence, if the recent fence isn’t that recent and still holds and getting the neighbour to agree can be a simple or laborious method, at lee benson fencing we’ve seen it all.
What color is that the best for your house?
Do you wish the fence to match the roofing of the house or the masonry and would you rather that it mix in with the garden thus it can’t be seen at all? These are all tips of obtaining the proper kind of fencing for your grounds.
Do you have dogs?
Depending on however huge your dogs are you’ll have to be compelled to get a fence that’s tall enough that the dogs don’t pass over it, or if your dogs are diggers you’ll have to be compelled to install a concrete pedestal or some kind of dog barrier or electrical fence.
How secure does one wish your grounds to be?
You may wish the fence to be tall enough thus you limit the prospect of intruders jumping over and coming back into your grounds and stealing stuff.
Have you thought of D.I.Y fencing?
We have all the materials and provides that you simply can ever want for your fencing desires, have a glance at our online store if you’d prefer to diy your own fencing and boundry.
Get an excellent designer
Ask them for footage on the work that they need done, ask them if they need a license and how long that they need been within the business, these are vital queries, additional vital then the worth of the landscaping.
So we tend to hope that the following pointers can assist you in your journey in making the simplest grounds in Adelaide.

Some of the areas we service

Some of the areas we service

Our business has been growing at a rapid rate, Why?, Cause we do great fencing At a great price, not only that we love to do a great job, and we get most of our business from word of mouth in the south adelaide area, so you might be interested to know what areas we serve, well here they are.
We supply and install our great fencing products at these locations, We have installed Colorbond fencing in Marion, Flagstaff Hill, St Mary’s, Clovelly Park, Ascot Park, Warradale, Glenelg, Oaklands Park, Eden Hills, Mitchell Park, Brighton, Happy Valley, Blackwood, Seacombe heights, Colonel light gardens, Pylmpton, Mitcham, Glengowrie, Clanernce gardens, Park holme, Somerton park, Edwardstown, Pasadena, Clapham, Reynella, Trott park, Hallet cove, Craigburn farm, Hove, Seacliff, Unley and more. Do you need frameless glass pool fencing?
If you are not in one of these areas do not fret because if you are close by to one of these locations, we can do your fencing for you.
Here are some lovely photos of the jobs that we have done in the past few weeks.
As you can see we also do a wide range of fencing to suit your needs, for these pics the customer really wanted to brand his house with something different, and the result, a fantastic looking fence, i think you would agree.
We love doing fencing like this cause it helps break up the usual working day of putting in the normal post and rail fence or good neighbour.
Having a great fence, is not an easy task, as there are contractors out there who do not know what they are doing and are just out for a quick buck, here at lee benson fencing we are here to stay, i think you will be able to see that by our strong online presence.
We have developed a strong reputation in the area, and so we cover the whole of south adelaide with our services.
our fencing contractors adelaide are ready to tackle any job that you have in mind and are also willing to help you choose the right fence for your home, if you need some advice on what type of fencing you need give us a call and we can give you a free quote and set you on the right path.
We know all the rules in the local area about fencing, so feel free to ask us all about that and what type of fence that you are allowed to have and how high, cause the last thing you want is to have a fence that you will have to pulldown cause it is not approved by the local council.
We also have an online presence on google+ check it out today to see more of our great products on display.
Hope you have fun looking for the right company to do your fence, do your research and you will get yourself a well made fence.


Slat fencing at Glenelg


Slat fencing at Glenelg

So if you are looking to do up your home with a fence, you will need to know the right one to erect.
Getting quotes is not a fun process as tradesmen can be hard to find and to get onto, your pricing will be different depending on what materials and how long you fence is in glenelg. if your looking at boundary fencing for your home you will probably be looking at something like good neighbour or post and rail fencing, if it is rural probably something like wire fencing, for a tennis court it will be chain wire, or if it is a front fence something a bit more fancy like slat fencing would do the job in fencing glenelg.
What you should do is get 3 separate quotes from different fencing contractors in the local area glenelg, once you have got these visit your neighbour if it is a boundary fence and talk over which one you would like to go ahead with, keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best option in this case.
After you have chosen the quote you want to go ahead with it may be a good idea to ring the contractor to see what his availability is like as this might change your mind on using his services, if it fits inside your time frame follow the steps on his written quote to accept the quote and agree on a certain date, then contractor then will order the necessary materials and fencing in glenelg.
It is good to ask for defences of past work, so you can get a idea of how good his workmanship is.
Are you considering glass pool fencing?
keep in mind that every single council has different building and erecting laws for fencing, from what type it should be and how high you can have the fence, check all of this out first before you go ahead as you do not want to put a fence up only to have to take it back down in the future.
Happy fence hunting we at lee benson fencing glenelg hope these tips help you get the perfect fence for your job.
Lee Benson Fencing
34 Woodlea Dr, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159
fencing glenelg

Fencing suppliers in Adelaide

What do we sell?
We Sell all types of fencing for your adelaide home, if you want to keep the dog in, or would like some privacy or just want the house to look a bit better we have the fence for you.
Good Neighbour fencing, what is it.? you may have seen it around in places like glenelg or brighton and South Adelaide, it has a few names, some people call it panel fence, the great thing about this fence is that it looks great both sides, so you do not have rails on one side and sheets on the other, i guess thats why they call it good neighbour.
We supply and instal frameless glass pool fencing too.
Post and rail fencing, What is it? well it is exactly how it sounds, it is basically gal posts which have been installed into the ground and then rails are attached to the face of the pole, the sheets then are screwed onto the rail, each sheet will have its own screws and you will need to level each sheet separately. the job is usually finished off with a bit of capping.
Slat fencing, this type of fencing can come in many different materials, it can be done in ether timber, steel or aluminium, i myself prefer the last option, why, cause it is light and i believe it will last the longest. Slat fencing is expensive compared to having a standard colorbond fence, not only in materials but also in labour.
Call a local fencing contractor In South Adelaide to find out what type of fencing will suit your house, they can give you a quote on how much the whole job will cost and can discuss with you the options, make sure you do your research and find someone who is licensed and knows what they are talking about. getting the right fencing contractor to put up you fencing supplies in the adelaide area is just as important as choosing the right materials.
good luck with getting your south adelaide fence, we hope that your fencing job will work out for the best.
lee benson fencing team


Fencing at St Marys

fencing at st marys,

Lee Benson Fencing
34 Woodlea dr, Aberfoyle park SA 5159
Mob: 0404 264 167
s is a job that we have supplied and installed fencing in the suburb st marys in adelaide, it was done for an elderly person who wanted security around their old home, and it is exactly what they needed, because the old fence was falling over and the old timber posts and rails were completely rotten and the fence sheets were blowing in the wind, the old fence in st marys would of been all over adelaide in the next storm.
So we discussed with her what we think would be the the best solution for her property in adelaide, we came to an agreement that the best fencing for her property in the adelaide area would be post and rail colorbond fencing with capping on top as you can see in the pictures shown of the fencing in st marys.
She then signed the agreement, Once we had that we made a order on the materials that she had chosen, which was colorbond woodland grey, we then assigned one of our great fencing contractors in adelaide to do the job for us, we only use the best contractors around the adelaide region and st marys, Why?, because we believe in the best quality fencing, and to have a great fence you need someone who knows what they are doing and are great with our customers.
Once the materials were in the warehouse, and the contractors were ready, we headed over to the property, once the contractor got there he pulled down the old fence in st marys and started to erect the posts for the new fence sheeting to screw onto. we left all the posts for one day, to make sure that they were set nice and hard before we started sheeting, once the sheets were on we finished off the job with the capping and took the old fence away and gave the footpath and property a nice sweep.
We also supplied some nice sturdy powder coated posts for some gates to be swung on, they were going to install some fantastic timber gates in hardwood, all i can say is that the finished product was very nice.
If you need some fencing done or frameless glass pool fencing, give us a call today, we can help you install all your fencing needs, also if you would like to install the fencing yourself let us know as we also have an online store where we sell all the quality materials that we use, you can buy them and have them delivered to your site and do the job yourself!!! don’t forget to ask us how to install it, we would be more than happy to give you a few tips.
Fencing st marys.

Fencing at park holme

Fencing at park holme

Lee Benson Fencing
34 Woodlea Dr, Aberfoyle Park SA 5159
Fencing with colorbond is a great way to make your backyard and garden look great, many people in park holme have upgraded their old fence for a colorbond fence, and the great thing is that it looks good from both sides, which keeps the neighbours happy.
Having a colorbond fence means that your fence will stand the test of time, it is very durable, and i know this might seem obvious but it is also termite proof. Testing has been done to say that a steel fence can help protect you from fires as steel doesn’t burn.
Keeping your colorbond fencing clean is very easy, all you need is a garden hose to spray onto the fence to remove any grime that has been built up on it. Having a colorbond fence also helps you with privacy as you can get it high enough so people cannot look into your backyard.
So if you are thinking of going down the road of getting a new fence, consider getting a colorbond fence, you will not be disappointed, do your research and make sure that you get the right fence for your house at park holme.
And if you are installing a new fence, get the people who know what they are doing, make sure they are licensed and make sure they can show you work that they have done in the past so you can drive by and have a look at the quality of the work that they have done. We also do frameless glass pool fencing.

Fencing for a safe home

Fencing for a safe home

Can you believe that over 200,000 homes are broken into each year in Australia, it crazy, imagine how many per year are getting into our Adelaide homes?
between 1993 and 2005 according to the ABS burglaries are the top household crime.
This is not not great news but there is a way to prevent these type of people breaking into your adelaide home.
While some people buy a big dog or invest in a security system like cameras and sensors to look after their homes or security alarms a lot of people forget that a good fence can prevent the bad guys from getting in. Having a decent fence which is at least 1.8m high and some lockable gates you’d be surprised at how much this can help prevent break ins and being robbed.
You want need a fence that is too high, but if you are thinking of building a fence down your boundary line, consult first and have a chat with your neighbour about the type of fence you would like, bringing to their attention that you would like some security but would also like the fence to suit the backyard and house, also make sure and check with your local council the maximum height that you can have at your property, as some councils will not let you exceed 1.8m high, and some will not let you choose the colour or style of fence, take these things into consideration.
Make sure that you use only the best fencing materials for the job as this will help with your security, check all your locks on your gates and make sure that they are strong and not so easy to break into.
Some people even go to the extent of not putting capping on their fencing in adelaide, so if a intruder were to jump the fence they would most likely cut their hands, there are a few things that you can do to keep your home safe, another handy tip is not to own anything, therefore the robbers have nothing to steal and you don’t have anything to worry about ether.
So there is just a few tips on how fencing can help you protect your Adelaide home, call us today if you need a free quote for supply and install of your fencing product.
lee benson fencing


Building a timber slat fence

Building a timber slat fence

Having a timber slat fence is becoming a rising trend in the Adelaide area, and i don’t blame people for installing them, they look great in any backyard.
But knowing which slat fence to go with and how to install it is the key to making the backyard or entertaining area look amazing and to blow away all of your friends.
There are a few types of slats that you can go with today, you can get a steel or aluminium type of slat which looks great depending on the style you need, but today we are going to spend some time on the timber type of slat fence that i have done in adelaide.
Firstly i got my timber slats / fencing supplies from bone timber in Adelaide, it was the first time that i have ordered timber fencing supplies from bone, and i was very please with the timber that i received, it was nice and straight and blemish free, unlike other suppliers that i have felt with in adelaide, having great materials is a must if you want the finished product to look great, working with timber that is bowed or blemished is not easy and will affect the finished product, in this case the job was done with fantastic fencing supplies and the job turned out great, as you can see.
The first day i arrived on the job site we determined were the timber fencing would go, i then proceeded to run a string line out and to mark where the holes would go, i then spent the next few hours digging some nice deep holes, we used 50×50 gal posts for this job, i mixed up some concrete and set and levelled the posts and then cleaned up and left them to set for a day or so.
The next day i put on the first timber timber slat, made sure it was level, this is important to get your first slat right, then i created a few spacers for the gaps in-between the timbers, then basically just cut and screwed the timber slats into place, this was the time consuming part of building a timber fence, my suggestion is to get some music going to take your mind off the repetition of the job otherwise you will go crazy within a few hours.
Once the job is done it is recommend to give the timbers a paint or a varnish or stain to help preserve the life of the timber slats and to also give it a finished look, in this case i have left it up to the customers to paint this timber fence, once done I’m sure that it would of looked great.
So there you have it, a quick look at installing a timber slat fence by lee benson fencing.

Planning your fence

evergreen good neighbour fence done in plympton

Planning your fence

Today we are going to give you some helpful tips on how to plan for your new fencing in Adelaide.

1) Know the purpose of the fence.

Knowing what you need your fencing for will help you know exactly what materials you will need to get the job done. if your are after security you will be probably looking at a fence which is solid and reasonably high to keep the baddies out, or if you want to keep a dog in you will look at having part of the fence in the ground to prevent the dog digging underneath the fence and escaping if your dog is that way inclined, or you might just want it as decoration. Knowing what type of fence you need is the first step, you will then need to talk to your neighbour about the fence and come to some kind of agreement.

2) Know your budget.

buy all the fencing materials or fencing supplies can be one thing, but then you will need to consider hiring a fencing contractor to install the fence for you if you want to get a professional job, unless you feel up to doing DIY in that case know your stuff and do some research on how to build a fence, but keep in mind these fencing contractors can get the job done in a day as it would probably take you a week to do, they also will be able to get cheaper price on materials then you will be able, these are just a few things to consider when building a fence in adelaide. Glass pool fencing can be expensive.

3) Find the right fencing company.

Finding the right company is hard, as there are a lot of dishonest people out there, and a lot say that they will do a professional job, best way to get a great fencing company to do your job is to ask family and friends, Word of mouth and experience is the best way to know if a company does what it says. At lee benson fencing we try as best as we can to keep our customers happy and to make the whole experience enjoyable.

Boundary disputes and what to do about it

Boundary disputes and what to do about it

Boundary disputes can happen for many different reasons but the main reason this happens in Adelaide is due to disagreements about where the fence or boundary should be, or a tree branch which is encroaching onto your land or that the old fencing is actually not on the boundary at all. it will happen sooner or later.

Dealing with your neighbour about the boundary is not a fun process at all, things can often get heated and people will get angry on this sensitive topic. it is a great idea to go into this discussion with a clear mind and a calm disposition only then will you be able to actually come to a sensible agreement.

So the first thing that you need to do is have a nice calm chat to your neighbour about the issue at hand, if you are thinking about getting a fence installed around your adelaide home give them the plan and involve them in the task, as it is their business as well, if your lucky you will have a great neighbour if not, well i feel sorry for you. also inform your neighbour regarding the laws about fencing and boundaries, as both parties are reasonable for the fence.

If you want to handle this professionally and know exactly where the fence needs to be, hire a land surveyor to show you where the boundary is, this eliminates the risk of putting up a new fence in the wrong position, this will save you a lot of hassle in the long run, never try to cut corners with these things.

Contact lee benson fencing today and we will be able to help you install your boundary fence in the type of fencing that you would like, give us a call today, as we believe that a happy neighbour is a good one, do the right thing and your fence installation should run a lot smoother.

We do frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide.

Choosing the colour of your fence

Choosing the colour of your fence

Choosing the right colour for your Adelaide home is very important, as fencing can really affect on how your home looks as a whole.

Choosing the right colour from many different samples is not an easy task, a lot of people will ask a professional to make sure they get the colour right, and i don’t blame them as the wrong colour can make you house look terrible and not to mention the money that you would waste.

So even thought its a good idea to get a fencing professional there a few tips that we would like to give to you to help you out in the choosing of your colour.

#Consider the colour of your home.

The colour that you choose for your fence should make your house look great, a good rule of thumb is to check out your gutters or even the colour of your roof, matching this up with your fence is usually a safe way to go when choosing a colour, try to match them or get a colour that closely matches for the best results.

#Consider the colour of your garden.

Green is not always the best colour to choose when you are trying to match your fence with your garden as this is what most people believe is best, have a look at the most dominating colour of your plants or flowers and think about matching to them, even if you have lots of colours going on in the garden finding the right one is still possible.

# Consider your intention.

A lot of people keep their fence colour in neutral as this will help by not standing out too much, while other people would like their fence to be the main attraction of the property in that case make sure you spend a lot of time trying to get the right look for your Adelaide home, so depending on what you want people to focus on is how you will choose your fence colour here, do you want people to look at your house and garden or do you want them to see an amazing fence in Adelaide.

# Test the colour

Try and use your imagination and how the whole property would look as a whole with the colour of the fence against your adelaide home, get a few samples from your local hardware to give you an idea of the colour while you image the new colour. the last resort would be to ask a professional if you are truly thinking of getting it right.

We can install frameless glass pool fencing in your back yard

What is colorbond fencing?

What is colorbond fencing?

Not so long ago people did not do colorbond for their fence it was ether zinc sheets or timber fencing, since colorbond introduced fencing sheets and panels as a long lasting option to your fencing adelaide needs, it has gone off!! and almost everybody that needs a new fence goes with the colorbond option, as it is the cheapest option around and also lasts the test of time.

But what is it exactly? and what makes it so good?

Colorbond is a steel coated sheet with a zinc and aluminium alloy (zincalume) it has a layer of polyester primer and a coat over the top with special paint, When you put all of this together you get a product that is strong but also very light, the finished product is durable and will last the test of time.

Colorbond is an Australian made product and they just don’t do fence supplies, they supply materials for roofing, guttering and many other household and industrial products, and because they are made in Australia by aussies they know what type of conditions there are in this country.

What are the pros of colorbond fencing Adelaide.?

You don’t have to keep up the maintenance.

Once you have hired a decent fence contractor in Adelaide to install your fence, you will not have to do too much in the way of looking after your colorbond fence. Unlike timber fencing where you need to give it another coat of paint or replace a few timbers because of the rot or wearing, colorbond doesn’t breakdown and the only thing that you need to do is maybe give it a bit of a hose down to make sure that bird poo or dust is not sitting on it, apart from that its pretty easy, thats why many people are choosing colorbond fencing.

Durability- Colorbond gives a 10 yr warranty on its fencing products, just to show how good the product is, of course that warranty does not apply in some cases for example when the fence is being installed 1km away from the beach.

The range- There is plenty of differnt types of fencing that colorbond has made so there are plenty of choices there, there are also 14 different colours to choose from, so colorbond can blend into your home landscape provided that you choose the right colour.

Colorbond fencing has a lot of great qualities, it is fireproof to a certain degree, there is no little holes for people to be able to see what you are doing which is great for privacy, and also if you choose the standard height 1.8m it will prevent intruders from getting into your property.

There are not too many down sides to getting a colorbond fence adelaide installed, some people just prefer timber fencing over colorbond or they think that steel will rust to quick, that is only the case if you install a cheap version of colorbond which isn’t actually colorbond.

We can supply and install frameless glass pool fencing in Adelaide.

How to get quotes for your fencing in Adelaide

How to get quotes for your fencing in Adelaide

Fencing plays a vital role in decorating or providing security for your home what ever the reason that you need your fencing you will still need to give it some thought, and you may think of getting a professional in to give you a few ideas and even a quote to give you an idea on how much it is all going to cost.

So wether your looking for security or privacy or you want the front of your house to look great with some slat fencing, getting a great fence is crucial and getting in a fence contractor is a must.

There are alot of options to consider when you plan to install your fence, you could have brick, concrete, steel, colorbond, slats, aluminium, timber, hardwood and so on. it all depends on what your focus is and what your budget is also.

Once you have decided on the purpose of your fence you will then need to figure out which product will serve you best, for sound blocking or privacy or security or maybe its just to keep the dogs in and cats out.

Getting fencing quotes can sometimes be hard as fencing contractors or companies may not always return your calls all the time, or say that they will be at your place at a certain time and never turn up, you could use a service like serviceseeking.com.au which does all that hard work for you.

My opinion is to get a least 3 quotes so you can have a ballpark figure on what the fencing will cost, usually you will have at least 2 quotes that are exactly the same.

Are you after a frameless glass pool fencing quote?

There are also a lot of other things to take into consideration don’t just take the cheapest price, look at the business and how they present themselves, do they offer the best materials and service, because at the end of the day having a job done right is saving you money in the future.- Fencing Adelaide